The HAK Wolfsberg has a strong focus on business and our students, of which there are around 230 (teaching staff: 32; non-teaching staff: 2), receive both a general education, which spans from History and Geography to languages, as well as a more focused training in business specific subjects such as Accounting and Business Administration. At the centre of our motto are the “four Es”. 

Europe - Through our past (CREATE, 2017 and CAREER, 2017) and current projects (EXPERTISE 2019) our schools give our students and teachers the possibility to gather valuable experience in a European context. 

Education - Our students not only frequent lessons of general (Languages, History, Physical Education, Mathematics) and business education (Accounting, Business Administration, IT) but have the possibility to choose from a range of extracurricular subjects and seminars (Sports Management, Cambridge First Certificate, Junior Companies, Music, Creative Writing, Theatre) to ensure a broad and sound education.

Enjoy it - Our school should be a place of enjoyment. To ensure our students creativity has enough space to thrive in, we created subjects and seminars such as Music (school band), Photography, Creative Writing and Theatre.

MEUS would provide our students with the chance to develop something unique and creative in a European context. Team-work across borders and creative minds of different origins working together on the same project is a proposition which ties in beautifully with our school’s motto (Experience, Europe, Education, Enjoy it). During and after our past projects (CREATE (2017), CAREER 2017) the students and staff who were involved in the project all acquired new professional skills and gathered valuable personal experiences which will greatly benefit their educational careers and personal lives. With MEUS we seek to continue to hold up European values at our school, present our school and environment on a European stage and give our students the opportunity of a lifetime.

Bundeshandelsakademie Wolfsberg