The Group of Schools Dr. Serafim was created in the beginning of the school year 2012/2013 and, besides the secondary school, it includes two primary schools and two kindergardens. 

The school has a very diverse offer as far as courses are concerned. It is mainly in the areas of the Sciences of Life; Computer Science and ICT, Eletronics, Mecatronics, Visual Arts, Audiovisuals and Commerce due to the investment of its teachers in order to give an answer to the needs of the community. It offers education to children, teens and adults (teaching of Portuguese to foreign adults).

The Agrupamento (set of schools) is situated in S. João da Madeira, a small town of only 8 Km2 which is very proud of its industrial heritage. It is in the North of Portugal, between two famous cities, Aveiro and Porto.

At this moment over 1200 students are attending the Group of Schools Dr. Serafim. The group of schools has got 130 teachers and 46 non-teaching staff.

Our teaching staff is dynamic and well aware of the importance of factors related to employability in the European context.